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Donitta Harris

Welcome to my class!!

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I'm so happy to be here at Mustang High School.  This is my 22nd year teaching mathematics.  I have taught everything from 5th grade math thru Algebra III.  
I celebrated my 20 year anniversary this summer with my husband Dylan.  We have two beautiful daughters, Devynn is 16 and Delaney is 9.   
This is going to be a great school year! 

Class Syllabus

Class Objective:

Your success is my first priority.  My goal for you this year is to complete this class with a working knowledge of Geometry and its applications.


Class Materials:


Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

An ORGANIZED 3-Ring Binder

Scientific Calculator (TI-30XS multiview)


Grading Policy:

Semester grade tabulated on the following percentages:

30% - Coursework:

Coursework includes daily activities, assignments, bell work, and other activities to be graded for accuracy or participation.  NO WORK = NO CREDIT! 

70% -Assessments:

Assessments include quizzes, unit tests, and semester tests.  Directions on retests/corrections will be discussed after each test. 


Make-up Work:

Turning in make-up work will follow the policy outlined in the MHS Student Handbook.

Late work may be turned in for 70% credit any time during a specific unit.     

Once material for that specific unit has been tested late work WILL NOT be accepted.


Classroom Rules:

The Five Students Commandments

Class Participation

Complete ALL Work

Students are expected to follow ALL rules in the student handbook. 



Council with student individually

E-mail/Phone Parent/Guardian

Detention/Academic Tutoring

E-mail/Phone Parent/Guardian

Referral to Appropriate Principal

Contact Information

Room: M203
1st Hour Plan:   
School Email: 
Remind: @3687b6
Google Classroom: mbbqb9 
School Phone:
My Cell:

Class Schedule

1st: Plan
2nd: Geometry
3rd: Geometry
4th(b): Geometry
5th: Geometry
6th: Geometry
7th: Geometry