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Deanna Dowell

Deanna Dowell

About Me: I love middle schoolers! I have been teaching middle school reading and English for sixteen years. I have also taught high school ELA and 6th grade ELA. My husband and I have lived in the Mustang area for almost twenty years. We are both teachers. My husband works at Mustang High School, and our daughter is a student in the Mustang district.
Contact Email: dowelld@mustangps.org

My planning period for 2019-2020 is 1:00-1:45.

     The focus of our Language Arts class is on developing critical thinking skills which will involve forming ideas and communicating those ideas, as opposed to just locating answers within a text. This will require participation in both whole and small group discussion and a significant amount of writing. We will be reading classroom novels as well as selections from literature textbooks. We will also cover several elements of English, including a broadened knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and writing.  Becoming comfortable with writing for a variety of audiences and purposes will be a focus for this class.  We will experience a variety of genres, including historical fiction; fantasy; mystery/adventure; nonfiction; realistic fiction; and biographies. Our goals this year are to increase your vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills, but most of all we hope you develop a lifelong love of reading, writing, and learning!!!

Our grading system is structured by a whole points system, and each quarter will have a breakdown similar to the one listed below. The points are approximate and will vary due to the MPS District schedule:

Vocabulary                                                                160 points                 

Independent Reading/Response                            160 points                 

Common Formative Assessment                           240 points                 

Essay                                                                         200 points                  

Project                                                                       100 points                 

                                                                   Total:       860 points                  


     Student progress may be monitored with Parent Portal. Parents, when checking your student’s grades, they will be converted from points to a percentage.  Please use the following grade scale:

A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; D=60-69; F=0-59; . . .A=Absent; 0=Missing (not turned in)

     Pre-AP courses will have the same assessment schedule but will have higher expectations on all writing assignments and projects. Also, the vocabulary list for Pre-AP will be more advanced.