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Dana Larson

Dana Larson


About the teacher:

This is my 8th year to teach at Mustang North, although I have been in the district for 15 years.  I teach 7th Computer Applications and 8th Computer Applications, as well as a leadership class at MNMS called TAG.  I am assistant coach for Softball and 7th and 8th grade Girls Basketball at North.  Outside of school, I coach for the OK Swish organization.  I am married and have 2 daughters and a son-in-law.  I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University.  I love sports and as I tell my kids in class, support three teams:  Mustang Broncos, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and Oklahoma City Thunder.
Contact Info:  Larsond@mustangps.org
Plan Time:      5th Hour, 12:40-1:27

About my classes:

7th Computer Applications is a Quarter Class and includes a unit on keyboarding and a unit on Microsoft Word.  For students in 7th grade Computer Applications, please click on the link on the left to review the syllabus and  complete the Syllabus Response Form.
8th Computer Applications is also a Quarter Class that includes a keyboarding review, units on Microsoft Office applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher, and an introduction to Google Docs.  The syllabus for 8th grade Computer Applications is on the left for parent and student review.  Please complete the Syllabus Response Form.
TAG (Together Achieving Greatness) is a year long leadership class for 8th grade student leaders.  These students are mentors for 7th graders.  They are challenged to stand out among their peers, to try new things, and to be an example to others in their school.  They organize and lead school assemblies, promote positive school climate and school unity, and support clubs, athletics, and other school activities.