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Cyndi Barnes

Welcome from Mrs. Barnes

My name is Cyndi Barnes. I graduated from Mustang Public Schools.  I went to college at  Southwestern Oklahoma State University where I received my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.  I married Mark Barnes and have two wonderful children, Colin and Teelor.  I have taught for 26 years.  My first three years of experience were at a  private school. Then I was hired by Mustang Public Schools in which I have spent 23 years.  I have been the Title I Reading teacher for the past three years.

About Title I Reading

 The Title I Reading program is designed to help students who need extra practice/instruction in the area of Reading. Centennial used to be a Targeted site.  This means students were identified and made eligible or ineligible for services. Students identified as most at risk of not meeting academic standards were served.  Resources bought for the program could only be used with these certain students.  Now Centennial is a Sitewide school.  This means all students can receive additional services.  No student identification is made that renders them eligible or ineligible for services.  Students identified as most at risk are given additional assistance.  Now the program promotes improved instruction for all students and constitutes comprehensive school reform.

How can I get involved?

Parents, you can influence the success of your students in school more than any teacher or federal program.  By becoming an active participant in the Title I parent committee at your school, you will:
  • Serve as a role model, showing your student you support his/her education.
  • Assure you are aware of your student's educational progress; thereby demonstrating how important progress is to you.
  • Teach your student your input at the school is appreciated and you support its efforts.