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Academic TeamVanessa McIntireAcademic Team-Prepare for Academic Bowl
competitions across the state.
Anime/Fandom ClubPatrick SingerTo give students a place to connect over their shared artistic interest in anime and other genre art forms. Students participate in anime related games as well as discussing fan theories and designing and creating costumes.(B208)
Archery ClubTaylor HurstTo become better archers and potentially go on to complete in the state tournament. Archery club allows student who do not have the class the opportunity to become familiar with archery equipment.(Old P.E. Building)
Art ClubVanessa McIntireArt Club Mission – Enriching the member’s lives by exposure to and involvement in art at school, the community, and the state.(E117)
Book and Film ClubJustin WilsonRead selections of literature from a wide variety of authors and genres. If a movie adaptation of a novel exists, read the novel and then watch the film to discuss the differences and similarities. The Book and Film Club allows for different groups of people to come together and participate in discussions. It also gives readers the opportunities to become acquainted with novels and films they would not read on their own.(J109)
Bronco ConnectLibby SmithTo support and encourage students who are new to Mustang High School and help them transition to life at MHS. The club will be comprised of students who have submitted a "teacher evaluation form" to ensure quality of character and leadership skills. Membership will be limited to 10-15 students. This group will seek to collaborate with other groups such as Student Council in order to serve these students. (G210)
Bronco Bible StudyBryan BurroughsEncouraging students to learn and practice Christian teachings through bible study.(G108)
Business Professionals of America Jennifer RobinsonThe mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. BPA is a division of Career Tech. The club focuses on business networking through the sponsored BPA events set forth by the BPA division. Members are encouraged to apply for officer positions within the club.(K101)
CheerMillie CooperThe purpose of our Spirit Squad here at Mustang High School is to promote school spirit, support various organized activities, represent the school, and provide positive leadership in all aspects of school life. This squad will promote and encourage.(Event Center)
Color GuardRyan EdgmonMHS Color Guard is dedicated to providing a
positive and healthy environment that encourages creativity, unity, acceptance, guidance, and self- confidence to achieve excellence in dance and visual musicality.
DECAJamie CochranDECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.(F125)
Engineering and
Robotics Club
Matt MooreMission: To show students and our community the possibilities of a career in engineering through participation in fun and high profile engineering and robotics contests.(Robotics Lab)
Fashion ClubTori BrackFashion club is a community of and for confidence. It is a place of love, empowerment, and expression of the latest fashion and beauty trends. It is a safe place for any and all body types, genders, race, releigions and sexual orientations. (B210)
FCAAnna WinnFellowship Of Christian Athletes(Media Center)
FCCLA 9th – 12thKaren Woodard
Donette Yeilding
Jacqueline Harrison
FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)is a National Career Tech student organization that provides personal growth, leadership development and career preparation opportunities for students in Family and Consumer Sciences courses.(E120)
FFADanny Griffin And
Randy Harris
Mustang FFA is dedicated to making a positive
difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education and leadership activities.
(VoAg Building)
Fishing ClubMike MeledeoTo help our youth better understand and properly
use fishing equipment and different types of fishing.
French ClubKaren
The French Club brings students together to
participate in activities related to the French language and French speaking cultures.
Guitar ClubMike MeledeoTeach our youth how to play guitar – a life-long activity.(E123)
Hip Hop ClubJames GrigsbyTo spread the joy and have fun dancing.(Auditorium Lobby)
Jazz BandRyan EdgmonThe mission of the MHS Jazz Band is to developin each student an appreciation of the art of musicas a part of general culture; to teach techniques of musical expression; to discover and develop the talents of students in all styles of music; to develop knowledge and skills in listening to all styles of music and in reading performing all styles of music(Band)
Key ClubTrena RogersKey Club "Kiwanis Empowering Youth" is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.K119
Mock TrialKatelyn CaudleThe goal is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship in our democracy. In this sense, all students who participate will be winners!(B206)
MPACTJordan Gruenberg Caitlyn Walker The Mustang Prevention and Coalition Team will continue to develop, collaborate and sustain a progressive, safe and a healthy community that
promotes overall wellness.
Multicultural ClubRose Chavez Natasha SeymourTo bring students of Mustang High School together in order to recognize their own culture and learn about cultures within our own school.(G201)
Mustang Community Fantasy ClubT.C. LandryThe Mustang Community Fantasy Club hopes to use card gaming to build close relationships, to develop critical thinking skills and to take creative approaches in game competition, in addition to having a lot fun.G205
National Honor SocietyOlivia Bennett The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s
premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921. Any student in grades 10 through 12 is eligible for consideration for membership in the
National Honor Society.
(J106 or J Conference)
NewspaperLauren CroutThe MHS Remuda News highlights the current
events of the school while improving individual student growth in various journalistic styles of writing.
Poetry ClubNatasha SeymourOur mission is to create a safe space for MHS students to read, write, share, and perform poetry. Our goal is to foster a non-judgmental environment for young poets and authors.(B204)
POMKelly DennisonThe purpose of our Spirit Squad here at Mustang
High School is to promote school spirit, support various organized activities, represent the school, and provide positive leadership in all aspects of school life.
(Wellness Center)
Relay for LifeCasey WalkerRelay for Life is a student led organization that
plans a 12 hour event which funds money for the American Cancer Society.
SADDKarol PyleThe goal of SADD is to encourage healthy and
positive life choices such as avoiding drugs and tobacco. Students participate in campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week and Kick Butts Day to promote school-wide involvement in positive choices.
(Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)
Olivia Bennett
Jestine Gaines
To encourage young people of the LGBT
community and allies to accept themselves and others. Aim to help these students by engaging in respectful discussions about the troubles students in the LGBT community face and how to solve them. Our main goal is to create a safe place for students
to come and feel welcomed and accepted for who they are.
National Spanish Honor SocietyRose ChavezTo develop and continue the student’s interest in language and service to their fellow Spanish peers and community.(G201)
Student CouncilJustin Wilson
Ashley Stewart
We the students of MHS, in order to improve the
school, support the following goals:
Create a better school spirit and morale Establish a better understanding between students and faculty, and among students themselves Work toward a greater appreciation of good sportsmanship with other schools Enlist a wider variety of school activities Empower students with a greater feeling of responsibility for our school, all of which help create a more unified school organization. Student council is open to all students.
**Morning: Auditorium
**Freshmen Lunch & 1st Lunch: J Conference
**2nd Lunch: J Conference or J109
Technology Student
Wade WallingThe mission of High School TSA is to enrich the
student experience by giving opportunity to participate in activities like robotics, CO2 car racing, and other competitive events through the National Technology Student Association. Everyone is welcome regardless of his or her skill level.
Theatre ClubEmily FarnhamPurposes:
To unify Mustang Public School’s Theatre students To create revenue through fundraisers and donations for costs of productions, apparel(MHS Theatre club t-shirts, jackets, etc.),
tournament and competition fees, publicity, Theatre awards banquet, workshops and guest speakers, and social events;
To generate local businesses’ sponsorship and donations toward our program; To publicize and promote within the school system as well as the community MHS Theatre endeavors & productions; To motivate and involve parents of MHS Theatre students To establish and maintain a mentorshipprogram with Middle School Theatre students; and
To increase productivity of MHS Theatre Department.
Unified ClubCherie MillerTo unite students with and without disabilities
through social activities, sports training and competition. The goal is to build student character, increase acceptance of disabilities and develop leadership skills and enhance the whole school community.
Young Democrats of MHSSarah Carnes Jessica HiggsTo provide a platform for young people to become more involved in their political party. The Young Democrats of MHS will act as a community that strives to learn about important issues and act as a conductor through which students can voice their opinions on these issues. The Democratic Party’s movement and ideologies will be the main object of this club through knowledge and proactive actions.(E119)
Young Republicans of OklahomaSponsor NeededTo help spread our party’s conservative beliefs and to get our members actively involved with the OKGOP. The club will also provide an environment in which our party’s youth can get together and openly discuss our opinions, thoughts and ideas as well as meet other teens who share the same political background.
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