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Class Syllabus 2016-17

Course Syllabus and Classroom Procedures
Mustang Middle School

Mr. Mathes’s 7th Grade Math

I am so happy to have your child in my classroom this year! I want nothing more than to see your child succeed in math this year and have a little fun doing it!

Course Description:

These courses are aimed at preparing students for the use and mastery of algebraic skills. The courses consist of the lines of study outlined below.

Major Instructional Goals for the Central Middle School Mathematics Program are:

  • Apply concepts of Number and Operations

  • Apply the concepts of Algebraic Relationships

  • Apply the concepts of Geometric and Spatial Relationships

  • Apply the concepts of Measurement

  • Apply the concepts of Data Analysis and Probability

General Expectations:

Be PREPARED – Bring materials to class

Be ON TIME – Be working on bellwork when the bell rings

Be RESPECTFUL – Raise your hand before speaking

Be ACTIVE LEARNERS – Always ask questions


  1. Pencils with erasers                     5. Two Glue Sticks

  2. One composition notebook         6. Scissors

  3. Packet of lined paper                   7. Pocket folder with brads

  4. Dry Erase Markers

Preparation for Class:

Students are required to bring a pencil, dry erase markers, spiral, binder, completed homework, and positive attitude to learn to class every day.


Formative and Summative assessments will be balanced to accurately identify strengths, weaknesses and mastery. Instruction will be differentiated to accommodate different needs. Any make-ups and retakes will be taken by before/after school or during lunch tutoring (not during class). Prior to retakes, 15 practice problems must be completed.

  • 70% Quizzes

  • 25% Tests

  • 5% Projects/Assignments

Student progress can be monitored by students and parents on the Parent/Student Portal.


There will be time allotted in class to do most assigned work. It is strongly encouraged that students make good use of this time as the teacher will be present for help. If an assignment is not completed in class, the expectation is the assignment will be completed outside of class time before the next class period. Homework may be assigned as needed.


Math 7:

Math Connects Course 2 Glencoe McGraw Hill (Blue book)

→ Create New Account. Record username and password in notebook/planner/phone.

→ Type in Redemption Code 7P95 - QYXV - RB1O

Pre-AP Pre-Algebra:

Pre-Algebra Glencoe McGraw Hill (Purple book)

→ Create New Account. Record username and password in notebook/planner/phone.

→ Type in Redemption Code DJR2 - EZ4W - OCJQ

Brandon Mathes

7th Grade Math