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Class Expectations

Classroom Expectations

I hold my students to a high standard. I love to have fun and make myself look silly so that my students stay engaged! I also make sure that my students know there are consequences for their actions.
Organization: I have OCD and I expect my students to keep their area and the classroom clean. We do desk checks to make sure their desks are clean and orderly. They are very good at helping others clean up and making sure things are put in their proper spot.
Responsibility: I remind my students of their expectations all the time. They know to come in every morning and get unpacked, which includes turning in their math homework and moving their lunch stick. We have discussed that the only way to fill their homework chart is to get stickers for their assignments that THEY turn in. They know it is their responsibility to get it out each morning and turn it in. I try to check their folders and will remind them to come and get their homework to turn in but ultimately the responsibility is on them.
Library: Your child will be allowed to visit the library once a day! It is their responsibility to check out books that they are able to read. We will go over how to pick a "Good Fit Book" in the classroom. Please make sure they return library books to school when they have finished them. :)
Homework: Students have math homework Monday-Thursday. I remind them to tear out their math homework multiple times during our math block. Students who return the page the next day get a sticker for their chart. When it is filled up they can get a prize from the prize box. Students are also expected to read each night and fill out their reading log. The reading log should be filled out by a parent. My class is doing a Readers Club Incentive and they earn beads and charms for their necklaces!
Work Completion: Students who do not complete their work due to playing, talking or not using their time wisely get the work sent home with an Uh-Oh paper. That work is due the next day and requires a parent signature. If it is an ongoing issue your student may miss out on the fun, extra activities we do in class.