No School On Thursday, October 29, 2020
Due to ongoing power issues, there will be no school tomorrow (10/29/2020).  This will include all after school & evening activities (including BroncoClub).

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Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten! I know this will be a fun-filled, motivating year of learning for your child.  I am so very excited to see how your child grows this year!!!

Cindy Johnson


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Cindy Johnson





Please check DOJO for detailed classroom information.

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Here are a few of my favorites:
Food- Mexican
Drinks- Rootbeer,Sonic Raspberry Lemon Water, Water, Ice Drinks
Stores- Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon
Hobbies- Playing with my grandkids, crafts 
Music- Christian
Movies- Any Disney Movie 
Color- Pink, Purple, Turquoise
Snacks- Kettle Chips BBQ
School- OU
Birthday- November 21