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Cheryl Snowden

Class Syllabus


Instructors: Kathryn Johnson, Cheryl Snowden and Wade Walling II
Email Addresses:, and
Web Pages: The link can be found on the Canyon Ridge web page.
Best way to contact us: You may send us an email, or you can leave a message at the office and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Course Description: The study of science for grade 5 will follow the Oklahoma Academic standards for Science (OAS-S) encompassing the three domains of science: physical, life and earth. Examples of topics students can expect to study include: properties of matter and energy, organisms and environments, structure of earth and the solar system. The course will incorporate scientific and engineering practices with scientific literacy and crosscutting concepts and math applications. Both classroom and outdoor activities might involve projects, outside reading, and hands-on design challenges within the course study. Students will be required to take the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) for 5th grade science as mandated by the state. 

Textbooks: Pearson, Interactive Science, 2016
All students will be issued a consumable write-in textbook. In addition to the consumable write-in text, your student will be issued an online access code and user information. The online code may be used at school, or at home to access the textbook or other resources.

Assignments: When students complete an assignment in class they are required to turn it into the appropriate spot. They will also check to make sure they have their name, teacher’s name and date on it. If a student does not finish an assignment during class time they will be allowed to take the assignment home to complete it and return it the next day.

Grading plan: We will be following the Mustang Public Schools policy on grading.
100-90 = A; 89-80 = B; 79-70 = C; 69-60 = D; 59 or below = F

Daily grades and quizzes are entered one time in Power School.  Tests will be entered twice.

Retakes and Second Attempts:  If a student receives a 69% or below on a daily work assignment, they will be given the opportunity to correct it, have a parent sign the paper, and then return it to their science teacher.  They will be given 1 week from the date it is handed back to the student.  The assignment will be graded again with a cap of 70%.  Students must redo tests/quizzes if they score below a 70%.  Students will also be given the option to redo tests/quizzes if they score a 70-99%.  The second attempt will be graded normally and the student will receive the full credit of the second attempt.

Late work: In the unfortunate event that an assignment is late, here is the grading system we will utilize:
Attends Finish Line = 100% of the grade
One day late = full credit if finished during Finish Line during lunch/recess

One day late without attending Finish Line = 80% 

2-5days late = 70% 
Lowest grade for completed work = 50%

Last Chance Study Hall will be used to make up zeros.

Safety contract: Students will be required to have a signed safety contract on file before they are allowed to participate in any laboratory experiments. This contract will be coming home after a short study and quiz.

Behavior Policy:  It has been our experience that most of our students love science and they will want to participate in the activities/experiments that we will be doing this year.  If we have an issue, we will utilize our "observation" table where students will be required to sit and complete the assignment, but they will only observe and not participate that day.  Formal write ups (or strikes) will be used in our rooms as well.  Students who receive 3 strikes from any of their teachers within a four week period will be assigned a detention.  Again, we do not plan this being an issue in Science because Science will be your student's FAVORIATE subject!!!  Teehee!!

Weekly Science Lessons (Students Assignments/Projects/Labs)

Cheryl Snowden

Let me begin by first welcoming you to Canyon Ridge Intermediate 5th Grade Science.  I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and continued to live there for 9 years.  My family moved to Arnett, Oklahoma where I grew up on a ranch full of horses, while also working in our family owned cafe' and theater.  After graduating from Arnett High School in 1981, I moved to Alva, Oklahoma and graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education. It was there I met and married by husband Michael.  After 13 years in Alva, my husband took an agent position with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics which brought us to Mustang.  I have now been with Mustang Public Schools since 1996, and am proud to say that both of our children (Jacob and Shelby) are graduates of Mustang.  Since I have been living in Mustang, I have been working with 5th graders with the exception of the first year teaching art.  This year I will be teaching your child science.  I truly enjoy what I do and I anticipate a fun and exciting year!!!  Again...welcome to "The A Team"!!!

Dog Ate Your Homework? Find it Here!

If you have misplaced your work please ​log​ ​on​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Pearson​ ​Interactive​ ​Science​ ​Textbook by following these quick easy steps...
1. Visit the public power school web address:
2. Use your STUDENT’S “Mustang credentials” Username: lunch number/ student id number      Password: unique​ for every student- can be found on the Student’s​ ​schedule
3. On the LEFT side, click the “Pearson Course” link
4. This will take you to your textbook options. Science should be the only one available.
5. You now have access to your science textbook online!!  You can log into pearsonsuccessnet to locate our text on line.
Please feel free to log onto this website to copy off the desired pages, or to complete the assignment on regular notebook paper. 
Thank you for doing your best to get your work done!!!




Phone:  256-6955 

GATEway Units of Study

Get to know you and interests foldable

Lesson 1: Exploring our personality colors/animals
Lesson 2: Exploring our learning styles
Lesson3: Exploring our multiple intelligences

Lesson 1: Meet the Team-discover the different fields of forensic science
Lesson 2: Look at Me-investigate personal traits
Lesson 3: Hands Up: identifying finger prints
Lesson 4: Puzzling Powders: identifying mystery powders
Lesson 5: Splat!: identify shapes and patterns of "blood" droplets and how they can reveal evidence about a crime
Lesson 6: True Colors: use chromatography to separate the dyes in black and colored inks
Lesson 7:  Guess Who?:  learning about the role of a forensic artist 
Lesson 8: Spot the Difference: identify forgery
Lesson 9: Read my Lips: identify lip prints
Lesson 10: What Big Teeth You Have: record dentition a and make impressions of bite marks
Lesson 11: Watch Your Step: examine what the soles of shoes can reveal
Lesson 12: Hair Hunter: compare hair samples
Lesson 13: Bone Bonus: investigate the relationship between bone length and height
Lesson 14: Porky Pines: discover some of the changes that happen when people lie
Lesson 15: K-9 Detectives: investigate our own smelling abilities
Binding/creating our portfolios
Solve the case of: "The Mystery Painting"