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Chelsea Solomon


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About Me

My name is Chelsea Solomon. 

I got married over the summer in Colorado!

I received a Bachelor's Degree in History Education from UCO.

This is my seventh year teaching geography at Canyon Ridge.




Class Syllabus and Expectations




In this class we will concentrate on the countries that make up the Western Hemisphere. Throughout the first semester of this course, we learn about: tools of Geography, the Earth’s physical and human geography, cultures of the world, and the world’s political and economic systems.  In the second semester, we will apply knowledge gained from the first semester to help us focus on the countries in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

What to Expect:

First Nine Weeks

Foundations of Geography:

Tools of Geography, Mapping Skills, Elements of Physical & Human Geography

Second Nine Weeks

United States and Canada:

Five Themes of Geography, Seven Essential Elements of Culture, Physical & Human Characteristics of United States & Canada, Diversity & Exchange, United States & Canada past & present.

Third Nine Weeks

Mexico, Central America, and the Antilles:

Physical & Human characteristics of Mexico, Central America, & the Caribbean, Countries’ Past & Present, Diversity of these Countries.

Fourth Nine Weeks

South America:

Physical & Human Characteristics of South America, Countries’ Past & Present.


Classroom Expectations & Procedures


=        Be responsible: Come to class on time and with all your supplies (paper, pencil and homework).

=        Be on-track: Go to the bathroom during the appropriate times, be in your seat working on bell work when the bell rings, use your time wisely, and complete and turn in your assignments on time.

=        Be considerate: Respect all rules, others and self.

=        Be kind: Have a good attitude

=        **All school-wide rules stated the student handbook will be observed in this classroom.  Likewise, discipline procedures will follow those stated in the student handbook.**


When you are absent from a class, it is your responsibility to get your make up work. Extra copies of assignments will be made available to you in the Makeup Work Files. You are responsible for asking a classmate for the bell work that you missed. For an explanation of a missed assignment, schedule a time with me outside of class.

Grading Policy

  • Daily Work/Homework- 100 points
  • Quizzes – 100 points
  • Exams - 200 points
  • Projects- 200 points   



Students will be given the opportunity to redo tests, quizzes and assignments below a 70%.

Late Policy

  • First day late:                         -20%   (Highest grade is an 80%)

**Students receive full credit on one day late if completes it during Finish Line during lunch/recess.**

  • Up to one week late:              -30%   (Highest grade is a 70%)

**After one week late: the only way to receive a grade is in the Last Chance Study Hall at end of 9 weeks. This will take place during the school-wide intramural tournament.**

***I will not accept an assignment once I have posted 9 weeks grades.***

Weekly Assignments

Copies of Daily Assignments

Contact Information

Distance Learning will be provided by Mustang Public Schools starting April 6th. There are two S.S. assignments for each of the weeks provided. I will be adding enrichment activities for all of my students on Google Classroom. Class codes are provided for each of my 6 classes under the "Copies of Daily Assignments" section above this one. Also, I highly encourage students to use the online textbook (if they have access) to read the chapters over South America. This is only time in school that they learn about this area of the world. I am very disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to teach it this year. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via my email address-

Upcoming Important Events and Dates

Online Textbook

1. Go to:
2. Type in username and password
For students their lunch number (username) and password.
3. Click "Pearson Courses" on the left side.
4. Choose the Social Studies textbook.
5. Click the "eText" tab at the top right of this window.
6. Select the Social Studies textbook (Not the Spanish version).