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Cecilia Hodde

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020 Science

Hi! My name is Mrs. Hodde, Im a new Science teacher here at Horizon Intermediate school. I am so excited to be teaching Science this year, I love Science. 
Happy New Year.!!!! It's 2020
Welcome back to school. In January we will be working on finishing our Island Project for Spheres, and moving on to Plate tectonics, Earths Structures, Space and the Universe. 


5th Grade Red Team Science

Course Title: Science, Teacher: Mrs. Hodde; Room Number: G4 

Planning Time: 9:36 - 10:16 am 

E-Mail: School Phone: (405) 256-6282

Curriculum Standards: The fifth grade science standards taught can be found on the Oklahoma Department of Education website. standards#OC3Science

Class Description: Science: This class will focus on the foundational concepts needed for literacy in science as well as giving the students an understanding of what science has to offer. The students will learn that science implies freedom of inquiry and open ideas. This class will help students to have a respect for logic, a desire to search for data, a longing for knowledge and question all things. My goal is not to program young minds to a particular viewpoint, but rather to push their minds toward having an experimental inquiry train of thought. Students will be exploring earth science, life science, and physical science throughout the year.

Online Resources: Pearson online Interactive Science textbook Username: first and last name of student, no spaces (ex: morgansharpton) Password: successnet1516

Classroom Instructional techniques/methods: This class will incorporate a variety of techniques and methods such as: table work, independent and group projects, hands on inquiry, interactive notebooks, debate, arts integration, and whole class and small group discussions. The class will also be partially flipped instruction (required reading done at home).

Supplemental Curriculum Materials: We will be creating an interactive notebook throughout the entire school year. 

Assessments: There will be a variety of assessments and projects throughout the year for science. In-class labs will count for one project grade. The students will also have lesson quizzes and chapter assessments as well as quarterly benchmarks.

Required Materials: Students are required to have an Interactive 3 Ring Notebook, binder, pencil, and folder for class every day. Other materials will be housed in the classroom and are not to leave unless otherwise permitted.

Grading Policy: Regular class work (not tests or projects) that score below 70% can be corrected for a higher grade. All corrections require parent/guardian signature and the two grades will be averaged. Missing assignments will have a zero grade and missing indicator in Parent Portal until the work is turned in and graded. Verbal reminders of missing work will be given to students during class. All work will be accepted until 1 week before the end of the grading period. 

Letter Grade Percentage: A- 90-100 B- 80-89 C- 70-79 D- 60-69 F- Below 60 P- Proficient U- Failing NC- No Credit

Late Work: Late work will be accepted without penalty until the end of the first quarter. For the remainder of the year points will be deducted in increments of 10 depending upon circumstances and the amount of time that has lapsed since the due date. Lowest grade possible is a 5 %.

Make-up Work: The student is responsible for checking the MAKE-UP file folder and daily binders upon their return to school. The Make-Up work will be located in the hanging red file folder on the far North Wall of the room. If materials are assigned online such as Google Classroom, the materials will be online.

Communication: Grades, missing, and late work will be communicated via Parent Portal (bring identification to the front office for access). Remind Chat, E-mail, and phone calls will be used to communicate with individual parents and students as needed. Remind messaging will be used to communicate with all parents regarding assignments, projects and other information that all parents and students need to be aware of. To receive messages via text, text @horizonpu to 81010. You can opt out of messages at any time by replying, 'unsubscribe @horizonpu. Or to receive messages via email, send an email to To unsubscribe, reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

Science Expectations


Science Room Expectations 5th Grade !!

  1. Come to Class Prepared to Work

  1. Bring These Materials Daily

  • Your Science Book

  • Your Interactive Science Notebook

  • A Novel to Read

  • Pencil (s)

  1. Expectations for Answering Questions in Science Book:

  • Read all assigned materials at least 1 time through, before you answer any questions.

  • Write all responses using complete sentences, punctuation and spelling count. 

  • Do Not start sentences using conjunctions, prepositions or pronouns…. Be Specific, introduce your topic. 

  • Quote directly from the book whenever possible

  1. Lab Expectations:

  • Wear all safety equipment that is required throughout the entire lab. 

  • Read and follow all lab instructions, listen to altered instructions from the teacher.

  • Be a great Partner, share the responsibilities, clean u-p

Contact Information for Mrs. Hodde

Embedded Image for: Contact Information for Mrs. Hodde (20202261071279_image.jpg)
            Mrs. Hodde
      620-253-3217 Text Only Please 

Lesson Plans