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Brooke Barrett

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"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation." -Aristotle


   Growing up I explored the world around my through text (fiction and nonfiction), so  it was a natural fit to study English and Creative Writing at Oklahoma Baptist University for my undergraduate degree. After graduation, I was still unsure where my talents and the needs of the world crossed,  but in time it became clear that teaching was where my passion burned brightest. I then began my study of education at the University of Oklahoma as a graduate student and became certified to teach.

   This will be my sixth year at Horizon Intermediate. After spending the summer with my kids, Olivine and Linden, I am recharged and excited to see how my classes grow together throughout the year.



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As we begin the second semester, we will be reviewing skills as we study traditional literature from around the world.

Brooke Barrett

6th Grade ELA 

Yellow Team

Horizon Intermediate

Email: barrettb@mustangps.org

Phone: 405-256-6282
Plan time: 12:50-1:37

Embedded Image for:  (201782514926963_image.JPG) We are always thankful for classroom library donations. Any books that are appropraite for 6th grade readers are welcome and appreciated.