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Board approves boundaries

The Mustang Board of Education unanimously approved a modified version of the proposed 2018-2019 elementary and intermediate school boundaries at their regular meeting Monday. Changes were based on parent feedback whenever it could be accommodated, information on housing developments slated for construction, accounting for growth and maintaining enough classroom space to accommodate full-day pre-kindergarten at each elementary for as many students as possible.

Two major concerns expressed through the surveys included the splitting of Westbury North between two schools and moving the Timbercreek addition away from Trails and to the new elementary opening in August.

“It was a difficult decision to make,” said Charles Bradley, deputy superintendent. “I wish it were possible for every parent to receive the answer they wanted. The committee tried multiple scenarios, but Westbury North will remain split between Valley Elementary and Creek Elementary. Bellflower, which is north of Westbury North, will also go to Creek. Those neighborhoods contain close to 200 elementary-aged children. We could not send both of those neighborhoods to one school or the other and maintain enough room for future growth and for all-day pre-k.” 

Another theme in the survey results was keeping Timbercreek with Trails Elementary, which is visible from the addition. Keeping Timbercreek with Trails meant two other additions farther away from Trails needed to move to the new school to maintain population balance, Bradley said. Timbercreek will stay at Trails Elementary. Belmont Cross and Somers Point will be going to the new Riverwood Elementary for the new year.

Changes to the original proposed boundaries include:

Trails: Chapel Ridge Apartments will go to Trails instead of the new elementary (Riverwood Elementary); Timber Creek addition will go to Trails instead of Riverwood Elementary; Belmont Crossing and Somers Point will go to the new elementary, Riverwood Elementary, instead of Trails Elementary.

Creek Elementary: The Links apartments will go to Creek instead of the new elementary. Making this change prevents our buses from having to make an unprotected left turn into the complex.

Centennial Elementary: Johnson Farms (44th between Mustang Road and Sara Road) will remain at Centennial instead of going to the new elementary. A new development is slated for 44th and Mustang Road that will be bringing an estimated 440 homes into the new school’s boundaries. 

The boundaries proposed in January for Valley Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Mustang Elementary and Lakehoma Elementary were not changed.

Intermediate boundaries were also slightly modified due to the changes to the elementary boundaries. Bradley said the committee made every effort to keep the changes minimal and to keep elementary school populations together as they transition to intermediate. 

Two new schools coming online for 2018-2019!

Mustang Public School’s staff and students are embarking on an adventure as two new schools get ready to open for the 2018-2019 school year. A new elementary school will open at 44th and Czech Hall Road and a new intermediate will open at 15th Street and Czech Hall. 

Mustang Schools grew by more than 400 students this year alone and more than 1400 in the last five years. Realigning school boundaries will make it possible to populate the new schools and redistribute the population of pre-k through sixth grade, improving overcrowding at some schools and planning for the growth to come. Parents will notice that schools on the north side of the district have smaller boundaries than schools on the side south.The population density is much greater north of 44th street and historically, the population growth rate is much faster.

It has taken several months of work to draw the boundaries. They take into account current populations, projected populations in the years to come, building capacities and transportation. Bus routes are one of the most vital safety measures taken into account when drawing boundaries. Every effort is made so that buses are making only right turns unless there is a light where they can turn safely. For example, left turns across Mustang Road are avoided, which makes a difference in where boundary lines are drawn. Time on the bus is also a factor. Unless the route goes to a rural edge of the district, the goal is for students to be on buses no longer than 45 minutes. Another guiding principal for the process is that students won't pass one school (Elementary A) to get their their school (Elementary B). 

Please take a look at the proposed boundaries shown below. Share your comments or suggestions with the Boundary Realignment Steering Committee on the elementary or intermediate survey.

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