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Amy Jones

Lakehoma PE

Welcome to Lakehoma PE!

This month's Health lesson is about taking care of our "Bones."  Students will learn how to keep their bones healthy and strong. 

We are finishing up our SOCCER unit.  Students will play different Soccer games and learn how to work together on teams.

We are starting Archery the last week in October.

Our school Fire Prevention Assembly is this week.

Halloween is fast approaching and students will learn about Halloween Safety.   

4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st are playing soccer games and continue fitness pacer test.

Pre-K-Freeze- Scooter games, Dance, Running, Skipping, Galloping and Freeze Tag, and duck duck goose.

Kindergarten- Scooter games, Practice Different Run Drills e.g. Running, Skipping and Galloping. 

Continue to exercise at least 10 minutes everyday indoor or outdoors. 

Please help your child remember their tennis shoes.  There is much more support for your child when they are running and playing our games when they wear tennis shoes.  You can pack your child's tennis shoes in their backpacks and they can change into them when they come to PE. 

Be looking for information on a Archery club.  

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