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Amanda Burton

Class Information

                               AP United States History

Course Objectives
AP US History (APUSH) is the equivalent of an introductory college survey course in US History, and its content spans the discovery and settlement of the New World to the present.  At the end of the year there will be an opportunity to earn college credit for this class through an AP Exam.  

Reading- Students will be using American Pageant (15th ed), and will be REQUIRED to complete the textbook reading and accompanying reading assignment/notes for each chapter on their own.  Class time will rarely be given to complete this, and keeping up with the reading is mandatory for success in this class.  

Writing- Learning to write a history essay is a big part of this class.  Students will be writing on a weekly basis.  The first semester will focus on how to write long essay questions and short answer questions, and second semester will transition into writing document based questions.  

Homework- With such a demanding course covering a vast amount of material, homework is necessary.  However, this should not take more than 15-20 minutes per night to complete.  The homework schedule will be given to students at the beginning of each unit in case they would like to work ahead.

Class Supplies
Something to keep your things in
Something to write with (PEN must be used for writing essays)
Notebook paper
1 box of kleenex (not mandatory but would be appreciated!)

Class Policies
-School policy states that you have one day to make up work for each day you are absent.
-You are responsible for notes and assignments when absent.  Most work/notes will be posted on google classroom.  Please see me if you have questions about absent work.
-At my discretion, students who are absent on the day of the quiz or test may be given an alternate assessment that may differ from the format of the original.

-School policy states that three tardies are equal to one absence.  
-For every three tardies you will be given detention.

Electronic devices:
-All devices must be turned off and put away while you are in the classroom or detention will be given.  

Late Work:
-Late work will be accepted one day late for half credit.
-The expectation of this class is that you are to do what is asked of you.  If you choose not to complete assignments you may be assigned Academic Tutoring.  

Course Information
Week at a glance:
Monday- Quiz/workday
Tuesday- Notes/Writing practice
Wednesday- Notes/ Writing practice
Thursday- Notes/ Writing practice
Friday- Concept Check Due/ skills

-Concept checks will be assigned weekly using the online quizizz site.  This will be 10 questions and focus on reading material not covered in class.  I require each student have a grade of at least an 80% on this assignment, and they may redo it as many times as they wish.  Concept checks are always due on Fridays. If they are not turned in, Academic Tutoring will be assigned for the following week until it is completed with an 80%.
-A quiz will be given on the first day of each week.  This is open note, and will cover things discussed in class the week before.
-Tests will be given at the end of each period of study.  The test will be comprised of a 50 question multiple choice on one day, and an essay on the following day.  Essays will be scored based on the rubric set in place by the College Board.
-Retakes are available to all, no matter what your original score, for quizzes and tests.  If a student chooses a retake, an alternative version may be given.  The student will receive their retake score, even if it is lower.  One retake is available per quiz/test. 

40% Formative Assessments
60%  Summative Assessments

Stay informed:
-Please email me with any questions or concerns:
-Notes and announcements will be posted on Google Classroom.   This is the best place to get caught up in the event of an absence. Google Classroom codes are listed below.

1st hour- dkvzzu
3rd hour-2cgmtm6
4th hour- drkbadx
5th hour-x7z8cae
6th hour- lh3455

*This syllabus is subject to change at any time.  In the event that a change is made, students and parents will be notified.

Schedule and Contact Information

1st hour- AP US History
2nd hour- Plan
3rd hour-  AP US History
4th hour- AP US History
5th hour- AP US History
6th hour- AP US History
7th hour- Individual AP Studies