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About Me

I am Julie Berry, and I am an Algebra 1 teacher at Mustang High School.  I look forward each year to meeting with and working with a new incoming group of students. I am a Texas girl living in an Oklahoma world.  My husband is currently active duty military and we have spent most of our adult life in Oklahoma.  I have been married for 30 years, and I have two daughters- Valorey & Hope.  I also have one entertaining cat- Mysti.

 This will be my 15th year in Mustang Public Schools.  I spent  11 years at Mustang Middle School, one year at Canyon Ridge, and this will be my third year at Mustang High School.  I am very passionate about my students and my teaching.  My desire is for each student to reach his or her full potential, BUT I like doing this in a FUN way. I like to incorporate many games and activities into the math classroom to have a vibrant learning environment.  I enjoy all sports and also love news, politics,  music, and most of all-YOU GUYS!! I obviously love the Dallas Cowboys and my OKC Thunder - my mood may depend on how they played that week :)  

Attitude is everything, so come prepared to be positive and to do your best. Everything else will take care of itself.