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Welcome to Mrs. Keever's Social Studies Class!


         Hi, I’m Mrs. Keever and this is my 7th year at Canyon Ridge and my 12th year teaching! I’ve been blessed with the privilege of teaching American History for all those years and love how much time I’m able to devote to this subject at our school. I hope my students develop a love for learning about the past and develop a curiosity for diving deeper into all the amazing lives of people who were willing to give all they had for becoming a free nation.

Aside from being a history fanatic, I also love being a mommy, singing, shopping, reading, exercising, and driving around in my Jeep. My husband is Nathan Keever, we are high school sweethearts and love spending time with our child Luke, family, and friends. He is the Director of Information Technology at Mustang Church of the Nazarene and the Director of Audio Visual at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for Canyon Ridge. I’m excited to teach all these wonderful kids and help grow their love for learning!

Upcoming Projects/Tests/Events
Upcoming Events:
Lesson Plans

Mrs. Keever’s August Plans

August 16th & 19th (A/B Day)

Objective: We can organize our supplies and materials and prepare for a great year!

Outline: We will sort through school supplies, discuss agenda, go through Student Handbook, collect lunch money, play get-to-know-you games and activities, and discuss procedures and expectations for the year.

August 20th & 21st (A/B Day)

Objective: We can collect, analyze, and interpret information from maps.

Outline: We will review how to read a map and label a compass rose with cardinal and intermediate directions. We will also review how to read a map grid. Students will then complete two worksheets on map skills and map grids. We will then play the direction game in class.  

August 22nd & 23rd (A/B Day)

Objective: We can explain why many cities in the United States are located near rivers.

Outline: We will read together and discuss Chapter 1 Lesson 3 (pg. 30-34). We will then complete a bodies of water booklet.

August 26th & 27th (A/B Day)

Objective: We can describe the relative location of the five regions of the United States.

Outline: We will listen to and discuss Studies Weekly #1 (States and Regions). Students will highlight important information in their newspaper. We will complete the crossword in groups, and we will complete the primary source activity on the back together in class.

August 28th & 29th (A/B Day)

Objective: We can explain how climates are different throughout the U.S.A.

Outline: We will read together and discuss Chapter 1 Lesson 4 “Climate and Vegetation” (pgs. 36-39). Students will then complete a Hawaii product map worksheet. Students will then learn how to play Hurricane Hunt which involves using coordinate points

August 30th & September 3rd (A/B Day)

Objective: We can explain how people change and use the land in which they live.

Outline: We will read together and discuss Chapter 1 Lesson 5 “People and the Environment” (pgs. 40-45). Students will then complete a worksheet over the textbook lesson. Students will then play Hurricane Hunt again if they have time.

Contact Information
Phone: 405-256-6955
Email: keevera@mustangps.org
5th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

5th Grade Social Studies

Teacher-Mrs. Keever                                        Room #- B5

Contact #- 405-256-6955   Email address- keevera@mustangps.org

Welcome to 5th grade Social Studies!  I am delighted to start a new school year.  I have many exciting lessons planned for your student designed to engage and enrich their learning.  We will have a rewarding and successful year!

Course Overview:

Map Skills

Native Americans

European Explorers

Early Settlements

The 13 Colonies

The American Revolution

American Government

Pioneers and Westward Movement

Studies Weekly:

Studies Weekly is a newspaper students will complete on a semi-regular basis.  It is an excellent source of information and primary documents in American history that will prepare your student to be successful in the classroom.  The students typically complete their newspapers during class. They will only take them for homework if the student does not finish during class time.  

Agenda Procedure:

Students are given time and expected to write in agendas daily.  This is a valuable communication tool. All 5th grade teachers will use this to inform parents of due dates, study guides, tests, and behavior issues that may occur.  

Homework- Students will not usually have homework in Social Studies.  I only assign homework three times throughout the school year.  In September they will create a timeline of their lives as an at-home project.  If a student is unable to complete it at home, then I will work with them at school.  The students will also be required to memorize two passages from important historical documents.  They will memorize the Statement of Rights from the Declaration of Independence in November, and the Preamble to the Constitution in February/March.  They will be listed on the website, and copies will be sent home a week (or more) in advance.

Grading Procedures & Evaluation-  

Grading Scale:  

A= 90-100

B= 80-89



F=59 & below

Tests are worth 2 grades.

At least ½ of an assignment must be completed in order to receive a grade.  If not, students will have an opportunity to complete these assignments at Finish Line.  

CRI Grading Policy:

  • Full credit is given for assignments that are 1 day late if completed during Finish Line @ lunch and recess.

  • 1 day late = 80% (if not finished at Finish Line)

  • 1 week late = 70%

  • After 1 week late students are required to attend Last Chance Study Hall during school-wide intramural tournament at the end of the 9 weeks.  

  • Students can redo assignments below 70%.  The maximum score allowed is 70%.

  • Any test or quiz below 70% must be redone.  Full credit is given for quizzes and tests that are retaken during Quiz/Test Redo Lab during lunch and recess.

Discipline: In our class we work hard to be positive, encouraging, and respectful. However, if a student is struggling to follow expectations, he/she will be given a verbal warning first, and if the student continues to not follow expectations he/she will be given “strikes.”  After receiving three strikes, the student will be assigned an after-school detention. In instances of severe misbehavior, a detention may be assigned without strikes or warnings. I will contact parents to make arrangements.

Website - Assignments and class information can be located on my website.  I will update this on a monthly basis.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask.  The easiest way to contact me is through email, but don’t hesitate to call if you feel the need. I am looking forward to working with your student this year!

  Thank you,

  Mrs. Keever

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