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6th Grade Theatre

Welcome to Drama

Welcome to 6th Grade Musical Theatre!


      This class is designed to give students another art form to explore through singing, dancing, and acting. Thorughout the semester, students will focus on the fundamentals of acting, supportive singing, and styles of dance. Students will partipate in a final musical performance at the end of each semester. 

Weekly Lessons

Week 1 Introduction to Theater... Get Rid of Your Cool Card
Week 2 Pantomimes: Turn on your senses! 
Week 3 Pantomimes Continued.... 
Week 4 Small Group Skits 
Week 5 Duets
Week 6Writing Duets 
Week 7 Monolgues 
Week 8 Writing Monologues: Minute Monologues & Scripted 
Week 9 Presenting Monologues 
Week 10  Spring Break
Week 11Play Rehearsal Week 1 
Week 12 Play Rehearsal Week 2 
Week 13 Play Rehearsal Week 3 
Week 14 Play Rehearsal Week 4 
Week 15 Play Rehearsal Week 6 
Week 16Play Rehearsal Week 7 
Week 17Dress Rehearsal Week  
Week 18 Performance Week! 
Week 19Fun Week!

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