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5th Grade Music

What do we do in 5th Grade Music??

 Welcome to 5th Grade Music!
       Horizon Intermediate's 5th Grade Music Class is designed to prepare all 5th graders for the next journey in their musical lives. In 6th grade, students have the choice of taking band, choir, both, or neither. Fifth grade music instills the musical knowledge the students need to be successful no matter what path they choose to take. 
       5th Grade Music is broken into three groups and rotates between two PE classes. Depending on how the week falls, some students will have music twice weekly or only once. Because of the rotation, students only come to music approximately fifty-six times throughout the school year which means every moment of music class has to be fully utilized. 
      When students enter the music room, they can expect to have fun, learn music, and learn discipline. Music is a very disciplined practice and those disciplines can be transferred to the students' every day lives. Each music class can have over forty students at any one time so structure is necessary for students to have a safe learning environment. 
      Among some of the activities students can do in music, students can expect to sing, dance, compose music, learn to sing in sign language, play african drums, and ukuleles!  As long as the student WANTS to learn, they will always have fun in music! 

Upcoming Lessons

January 8-10Review of Expectations/Procedures and Rhythm Counting 
January 13-15 Counting Rhythms in 4/4, 3/4, 2/4
January 16-21 Sub Work (Mrs. Green gone to All-State) 
January 22-24  Quaver Lesson 9 "Music from Other Lands"
January 27-29 Quaver Lesson 10 "Sharps and Flats"
Jan 30-Feb 3 Quaver Lesson 11 "Major Scales and Key Signatures"
Feb 4-6  Sightreading Notes and Rhythms

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